Chain Colosseum Phoenix has entered into a collaboration with the blockchain game "Cyberstella", which is available on the Avalanche Network! Cyberstella’s characters will make their appearance in the Chain Colosseum Phoenix game!

Collaboration Summary

In the Chain Colosseum Phoenix game, users holding Cyberstella NFTs can mint a Collaboration Heroes when they summon a Genesis Hero NFT. To summon Genesis Hero NFTs, players will need to use the Summoner's Book, which is presently available for purchase.

Summoner’s Book Sales Website:

The following methods is outlined down below to summon a Collaboration Hero:

  1. Access the Chain Colosseum Phoenix's minting page to summon the Genesis Hero NFT (Summoner's Book).

  2. Connect your wallet. Ensure you utilize a wallet address containing both the Cyberstella NFT and a Summoner's Book, as these are the essential prerequisites for successfully minting a Collaboration Hero.

  3. Summon (mint) a collaboration hero by using the Summoner's Book

When using the Summoner's Book, it will randomly summon one of the three following types of Collaboration Heroes:

Achelie Rex Nhan

*Limited to 30 (will be closed when the limit is reached) *Please note that these limits are subject to change based on future considerations.

Please wait for an official announcement from the Chain Colosseum Phoenix project regarding the availability of the summoning.

Official Website: Twitter: Whitepaper: Book of Summons Sales Website:

What is Cyberstella?

Cyberstella is an IP Creation platform that provides an environment for manga fans and gamers from all around the world to integrate with each other and own what they build. Combining manga culture and web3 trends, we are contributing to the next version of the internet that is owned by the builders and users, all orchestrated with tokens.

Set in a cyber opera theme, NFTs are collectible PFP, and your avatar immerses your character deep into the heart of the game.

Scout unique Crew NFTs and go on Adventures across multiple planets. Earn tokens and materials via gameplay and craft gear to enhance your NFT's performance. Customize the appearance of your Crews – from hairstyles to accessories, to their weapons and clothes, the choice is yours!

Go on Adventures and hunt for Materials, craft equipment for better stats, or even perform high-risk, high-reward Missions for a chance to win up to $1000 worth of $AVAX.

Join community events for token rewards and cool NFTs. Read our own manga, and see the characters you own come to life. Join the wiki to help realize the unique and captivating worldbuilding with your own creations and stories.

Own the narrative, forge your path, and dive deep into the world of Cyberstella.

Official Website: Twitter:

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