Soul Mining System

CCP (Utility Token) exceeds a certain price, a portion of the CCP earned in battle mode is converted and stored in the hero. This prevents selling pressure on heroes and smoothes out the market price fluctuations.

The CCP to be converted is calculated from the amount of tokens earned, the token price, and stored as souls (assets denominated in U.S. dollars) in the hero used for battle. Souls (assets denominated in U.S. dollars) can be mined (claimed) when the hero is incapacitated.

Souls can be mined (claimed) based on a percentage of each day passed starting from the date when the hero became incapacitated. If mined (claimed) before the maximum duration, one can mine (claim) a certain percentage for each elapsed period, but any remaining souls cannot be mined (claimed).

Souls that can no longer be claimed are stored in the Treasury for the entire Ecosystem.

Number of Days ElapsedAvailable Request Percentage









There is a limit to the amount of souls that can be stored in each hero.

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