Scholarship System

Players have the option to lease their heroes and GEM assets to other players through the scholarship system.

In this setup, the lender acts as the owner (or manager) while the borrower serves as the scholar. Scholars utilize assets loaned to them by the owner, playing the game on behalf of the owner, which allows them to engage in gameplay without any financial exposure.

The profits generated from gameplay are shared, with the owner compensating the scholar and the management via rewards and fees.

Owners can monitor the performance and activities of their scholars through a designated in-game interface.

Create and Match Scholarship Accounts

Owners have the flexibility to select between manual or automated system matching for pairing with scholars.

With manual matching, owners can establish a scholar account by inputting the details of players who have already consented to a scholarship agreement.

On the other hand, with system matching, owners can set specific criteria and look for potential scholars in the scholarship recruitment markets.

To create a scholarship account, a special Scholarship Account Item (ScholarPass) is required.

One scholarship account can be created per ScholarPass.

ScholarPass can be purchased at the Shop.

Owner and Scholar Privileges

Owners have the ability to transfer their heroes they own, GEMs, CCP, and other tokens between their accounts and those of the scholars.

Scholars have the privilege to only extract CCPs, awarded as rewards, to their personal wallets from within the game. The transfer of other tokens is restricted.

Owners possess the rights to limit specific in-game functionalities for scholar accounts.

Pay/Receive Earnings

The owner automatically receives a portion of the scholar's earnings based on a predetermined commission percentage set by the owner (a profit-sharing ratio mutually agreed upon).

Unlike traditional scholarship systems where certain processes were manual, in this game, there's no need for either the owner or the scholar to manually calculate and transfer rewards to their wallets.

Suspension/Release of Scholarship

The owner reserves the right to suspend or resume the scholarship at their discretion.

Additionally, both the owner and the scholar have the option to terminate the contract 3 days after the initiation of the Scholarship Agreement.

Upon cancellation, all assets retained by the scholar account, excluding the scholar's share of the earnings, will revert to the owner's account.

In addition, the ScholarPass used to create the scholar account will be returned to the owner, permitting the creation of a new scholar account.

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