Implementing The Open Beta Test

We have decided to conduct an Open Beta to test the in-game ecosystem before the official release.

The Open Beta Test will be conducted primarily to ensure that the new mechanisms, such as the Soul Mining System (SMS) and Anti-Trader Field (AT-Field), are working properly for the ecosystem.

*The Open Beta Test will have the same game specifications as the officially released version.

In order to be able to take more of a real data approach, we will issue tokens with liquidity in them which will be exactly the same as the official release. We will also allow NFTs to be minted and as well as allowing them to be traded.

However, in order to limit the risk for the players, we would like to keep the initial liquidity small (e.g., about 1/10th of the actual amount) to allow players to participate at a low cost price.

In other words, even during the Open Beta Test, you can enjoy the “Play to Earn” aspect because you will be allowed to swap for stable coins and so on.

*The Token that will be provided for liquidity in the Open Beta Test and the Token that will be provided for liquidity in the official release will be different Tokens.

The release date for the Open Beta Test is scheduled for Q4 of 2023.

Genesis NFT holders will receive an airdrop of the Hero NFTs that will be used for this Open Beta Test.Airdropped NFTs to your wallets can also be transferred or can be sold.

We will reconsider the various parameters of the official release version by using the reference of the open beta test version. We will also look at the impact on the ecosystem caused by token price fluctuations and the user trends in the Open Beta Test version. By referring to actual live data, we will choose better sustainable parameters for the official game.

Please join and help us to create a better gaming ecosystem.

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