Battle Mode

ChainColosseumPhoenix is a turn-based RPG.

Players configure their battle party using their roster of heroes. After starting a battle, they can strategically choose a hero from their party, considering the attributes and statistics of the opposing monsters. Once a hero is selected, it cannot be substituted until the end of the battle.

When a battle begins, the first and second attackers are drawn and the battle proceeds in the order decided.

Should the player fail to defeat the enemy monster within a single turn, the order of the first and second attacks alternates with each subsequent turn.

Players have the option to select from the following actions: "Attack", "Special Moves", "Counter", or "Escape".

Attack : Executes a normal attack against the opponent.

Special Moves : Inflicts greater damage than a normal attack on the opponent.

Counter : Blocks the opponent's special move and, in return, delivers greater damage exceeding a normal attack.This action has no effect if the opponent utilizes any move other than Special Moves.

Escape: If you choose to ‘escape’ and succeed, the battle concludes, resulting in a defeat for the player. If the escape attempt fails, the player’s turn is forfeited for that round, leading to the enemy’s monster attack regardless of the turn order. If your Hero's durability is at 0, you won't be able to escape.

Enemy monsters execute "Attack", "Special Moves", or "Counter" actions.

Players strategize by observing the enemy monster's attack power and remaining HP. Both sides act reciprocally during each turn, with the first to reduce the other's HP to zero emerges as the victor.

As long as players retain energy, they can continuously engage in battles. Should a hero become damaged, leading to a decrease in its HP, recovery is not possible amid consecutive battles. However, post-battle, the hero's HP will restore to its initial value.

Additionally, heroes used in battle will have their durability reduced. Durability can be recovered by spending tokens after the battle.

Enemy Monsters

The rarity and level of the hero owned by the player affects the difficulty and the logic of the enemy monsters. Rewards are paid out for each battle won, and the rewards earned vary depending on the monster type and the strength of the enemy. In case of defeat, you will not earn any rewards.

Acquire the best heroes and triumph over the strongest of the enemy monsters!

Special Monsters

Some enemy monsters are a type of monster that have a low appearance rate, called Special monsters. Special monsters are very quick and may escape during battle. Nevertheless, if you can defeat them, you will be rewarded substantially greater than you would from other enemy monsters.

When you defeat a special rare monster, you earn a bonus reward. Normal rewards are calculated based on the Efficiency of the heroes used in battle, while bonus rewards are determined by the accumulated amount in the JACKPOT, which is exclusive to special rare monsters. The rarer the monster, the bigger the reward.

You can view the total amount of rewards in the JACKPOT on the official game website. The JACKPOT is updated with new rewards every hour. The amount added to the JACKPOT is based on the total CCP issued in the game the previous day. Additionally, the CCP lost during double-up defeats is also added to the JACKPOT.

Double-Up After Battle

Players have the option to engage in a "double-up" feature prior to collecting their rewards from defeating enemy monsters in the battle mode. Utilizing this feature entails a probabilistic outcome of either triumph or failure. A successful attempt results in a twofold increase in earnings, whereas a loss yields no financial gain. Consecutive victories permit further doubling of earnings, though there is a cap on the number of successive challenges allowed. Up to a maximum of 5 times is allowed.

Number of Times Increase in RewardsLottery Quota



45.0%+ intelligence coefficient



42.5%+ intelligence coefficient



40.0%+ intelligence coefficient



37.5%+ intelligence coefficient



35.0%+ intelligence coefficient

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