Chain Colosseum Phoenix has entered into a collaboration with the blockchain game "Yuliverse", which is available on the BSC and Polygon Network! Yuliverse's characters will make their appearance in the Chain Colosseum Phoenix game!

Collaboration Summary

In the Chain Colosseum Phoenix game, users holding Yuli, Yuli-Mystery-Box or Lyra NFTs can mint a Collaboration Heroes when they summon a Genesis Hero NFT. To summon Genesis Hero NFTs, players will need to use the Summoner's Book, which is presently available for purchase.

Summoner’s Book Sales Website: https://tofunft.com/collection/chain-colosseum-phoenix/items

The following methods is outlined down below to summon a Collaboration Hero:

  1. Access the Chain Colosseum Phoenix's minting page to summon the Genesis Hero NFT (Summoner's Book).

  2. Connect your wallet. Ensure you utilize a wallet address containing both the Yuli, Yuli-Mystery-Box or Lyra NFT and a Summoner's Book, as these are the essential prerequisites for successfully minting a Collaboration Hero.

  3. Summon (mint) a collaboration hero by using the Summoner's Book

When using the Summoner's Book, it will randomly summon one of the three following types of Collaboration Heroes:

Yuli-Rock Yuli-Ice Yuli-Fire Yuli-Wind Yuli-Thunder ?????

*Limited to 50 (will be closed when the limit is reached) *Probability of occurrence: Yuli-Rock:19%, Yuli-Ice:19%, Yuli-Fire:19%, Yuli-Wind:19%, Yuli-Thunder: 19%, ?????: 5% *Please note that these limits are subject to change based on future considerations.

Please wait for an official announcement from the Chain Colosseum Phoenix project regarding the availability of the summoning.

Official Website: https://phoenix.chaincolosseum.org/ X: https://x.com/ChainColosseum_ Whitepaper: https://chaincolosseum.gitbook.io/phoenix/ Book of Summons Sales Website: https://tofunft.com/collection/chain-colosseum-phoenix/items

What is Yuliverse?

Yuliverse is an alternative reality metaverse that runs parallel to the physical world, offering a new kind of lifestyle through immersive gameplay and social interaction. With thousands of exciting storylines to explore, players can earn $ARG and $ART as they complete quests and assume different roles within the game.

Yuliverse boasts a unique economy that is entirely player-owned, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade in-game items they've earned by contributing to the economy. The establishment of Yuliverse relies on player interaction, and players are rewarded for behaviors that contribute to a healthy and thriving game ecology.

Official Website: https://www.yuliverse.com/ X: https://x.com/TheYuliverse

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