Debreed & UPA

We have decided to collaborate with UPA, An NFT pet that eats everything and anything. UPAs will now be in the Chain Colosseum Phoenix Game!

Collaboration Summary

When summoning a Genesis Hero NFT in the Chain Colosseum Phoenix game, users who hold UPA will be able to mint a Collaboration Hero. Genesis Hero NFTs can be summoned by using the Summoner's Book, which is currently on sale now.

Book of Summons Sales Website:

The following methods is explained down bellow to summon the Collaboration Hero:

  1. Access the Chain Colosseum Phoenix's minting page to summon the Genesis Hero NFT (Summoner's Book)

  2. Connect your wallet. “Make sure to use the wallet address that has the UPA! NFT and a (Summoner’s Book) so that you will be able to meet the criteria in order to mint.”

  3. Summon (mint) a collaboration hero by using the Summoner's Book

Summoner's Book will randomly summon one of the following three types of collaborative heroes:

Pearl UPA Amethyst UPA Emerald UPA

Please wait for an official announcement from the Chain Colosseum Phoenix project as to when summoning will be available.

What is Debreed and UPA?

DeBreed_Project is a project based on the concept of an NFT that grows and changes within the user’s wallet.

As the first part of the project, the team has released UPA, which changes its appearance by eating other NFTs.

Official Minting Website: Twitter:

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