Token Information


Chain Colosseum Phoenix uses the following two UtilityTokens.

CCP(Chain Colosseum Phoenix)

It will be a UtilityToken issued by Chain Colosseum Phoenix.

Following are the contract address:

bCCP (open beta: DeFi Verse) Contract address:​​0x4362Be024eFbb8C6fBcF19675224b58dFd2493Ef

Gaming Dex swap (

CCP is an unlimited supply token and is earned when players win in the battle mode.

The Utility of CCP is as follows:

  • Minting Heroes

  • Hero Restoration

  • Leveling up your Hero

  • Decreasing Time Needed for Leveling up Heroes

  • Leveling up Gems

  • Opening Treasure Chests

  • Shortening the Wait Time for Opening Treasure Chests


OAS tokens, which are native tokens for the Oasys chain, are used in this game as well.


Teal Swap bridge


The Utility for $OAS is as follows:

  • Minting Heroes

  • Leveling up your Hero

  • Leveling up Gems

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