Sale Information

Chain Colosseum Phoenix (Distributed by METAVERSE.INC Headquarters in the Philippines) will be selling the Summoner's Book, which is a Genesis NFT that allows players to acquire game characters.

*Chain Colosseum Phoenix has received an official grant from Oasys, a blockchain dedicated to gaming, and will be released on the Oasys' L2, the MCH verse.

Oasys :

Game Overview

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is a Web3 game application with built-in Game-Fi elements.

Players fight various monsters with Heroes summoned from the "Summoner's Book" and earn in-game currency by winning their battles.

Heroes the players own and the in-game currency the players earn will be on the blockchain and can be traded between players through the marketplace.

*The images include content under development and are subject to change.

The Official Website:

Sale Information

Sales for the Genesis NFTs will be conducted on the INO platform called "Zaif INO".

Sales Method: Pre-sale and Public sales

*Public sales will not take place if the sales are sold out in the pre-sale.

Place of Sale: Zaif INO

Time of Sale: Pre-Sale November 21, 2022 10:00(UTC) - November 30, 2022 9:59(UTC) Public Sale November 30, 2022 11:00(UTC) - December 5, 2022 10:59(UTC)

Payment token: AVAX (Avalanche C-Chain)

Sale Quantity: 10,000 Summoner’s Book

Sale Price: 20 AVAX

Purchase Limit: Up to 5 per address per each sale

*NFTs at the time of sale will be minted on Avalanche C-Chain, but will be exchanged as an NFTs on Oasys Chain after the game is released.

Purchase Benefits

Those who purchase Genesis NFT will receive $OAS tokens for in-game use as a bonus.

Terms of Acquisition: Genesis NFT in possession

Special Offers: The possession of NFTs purchased in the presale will earn you $100 worth of $OAS tokens.

The possession of NFTs purchased in the public sale will earn you $80 worth of $OAS tokens.

How to Obtain: Claim from a dedicated page or an airdrop to the wallet that possesses the NFTs. *More details will be announced later.

The $OAS awards can be earned under the following conditions.

  1. 20% of $OAS awards: Obtain after the $OAS token sale (date to be set separately).

  2. 80% of $OAS awards: Obtain through the progression of gameplay. 30% of the total is obtained by holding NFT in Wallet or in-game. (Every 4 months)

*The right to earn $OAS will be limited to one year from the game release date. Please note that you will not be able to earn $OAS after the due date.

Pre-Sale Conditions

You are eligible to participate in the pre-sale if you meet one of the following conditions:

  1. 250 $MCHC tokens (excluding LPs provided)

  2. Legendary Hero holders of My Crypto Heroes

  3. MCH Verse Pass holders

  4. Arrow List winners from each campaign

  5. "Chain Colosseum" Boss Mint Ticket holders

*Snapshots will be taken at any point between today and the date of the sale.

*Wallet addresses that meet the pre-sale participation requirements will be notified by the day before the sale date.

MCH verse :

My Crypto Heroes :


More details will be announced on the official website and on social media in the future.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix Official Twitter :

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